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White Label (7) - Drie Dagen Feest (Vinyl)

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  1. Australian record label owned by Mushroom. In Mushroom merged it with the recently acquired Hot Records (2) to form the short lived White Hot label. It also functions as a company imprint for White Label Records Pty. Ltd. for such credits as (p) & (c) type of credit attributions.
  2. The label (also referred to as the “center label”) is the paper label that’s baked onto the center of the records. It’s what indicates a side “A” or “B”, tracks and times. White is the standard label colour that we print your artwork onto. The standard hole for a 12″, 10″ or small hole 7″ record is 1/4 inch.
  3. Mar 10,  · Also, there are a fair number of Atlantic/Atco related white label promos that are fold-down mono for radio stations. These were made until about ; I know of mono WLPs for Bette Midler's The Divine Miss M and the Bee Gees' Life in a Tin Can at least, and there are probably others. They tend to get at least times the stock copies.
  4. WHITE LABEL Vinyl Records and CDs. For White Label records used in mixes please use Unknown Artist (& Untitled, if there is no title). White Label are Steve Aungle, Anth Brown and Tom Doyle, a trio originally from Scotland who are now based in London and Berlin. Steve Aungle is a UK-based musician who collaborated with the late Billy Mackenzie.
  5. Feb 05,  · White Label Promo Values. In general, a white label promo pressing of any given record will sell, at a minimum, for 50% more than a standard stock pressing. This can increase dramatically for white label promo copies that are different in some way – different song listings, different running order, or a different mix.
  6. ballarnfeziussaikelv.xyzinfo exclusive has special chemistry that turns all inkjet inks into waterproof inks in one pass through the printer. Once you print on the material, the label can be put under water and rubbed gently without smearing. Can be used in short term damp conditions. Poker chip stickers labels. Matter vinyl sticker paper. Dog tag labels.
  7. There are also more expensive vinyls, which can last up to 7 years, but for our customers the year monomeric vinyl offers the best all round value for money and quality. There are also different brands of vinyl, but we prefer the 4 Year Outdoor Orajet vinyl as our standard label printing stock.
  8. The best place to start when creating artwork for your vinyl project is with a rock-solid template file. This ensures that everything is created at the correct dimensions and to the exceedingly high standards of our excruciatingly organized Chief of Manufacturing, Dr. Von Wax. 12" Labels Download 10" Labels Download 7" Labels (small hole.

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